Dr. Mohamed yaman swied

Dr. Mohamed yaman swied

  • Dental and Orthodontics
  • Center: Specialized Digital Polyclinic Ahsaa (1), Specialized Digital Polyclinic Ahsaa (2)

Postgraduate studies in orthodontics and jaw alignment from the University of Lille, France. Holds the Syrian Board in orthodontics and has 20 years of experience in Syrian and French hospitals. Actively participates in seminars and scientific courses at universities. Holds a Doctorate in Dentistry and Oral Health. Additionally, has completed postgraduate studies (CES) in dental materials from the University of Nantes, France. Specializes in orthodontics and jaw alignment with expertise in complex and challenging cases, as well as experience in clear aligners and orthodontic implants.

  • Metal and ceramic braces for fixed orthodontic treatment.
  • Removable orthodontic appliances.
  • Functional orthodontic appliances for growth stages.
  • Clear aligner orthodontic treatment (Invisalign and Prov Aligner).
  • Preventive orthodontics.
  • Orthodontic preparation for surgical cases.
  • Orthodontic implants.
  • Functional appliances.
  • Clear aligner trays.

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