Dr.Yahia AlSahou

Dr.Yahia AlSahou

  • Dental and Orthodontics
  • Center: Specialized Digital Polyclinic Ahsaa (1), Specialized Digital Polyclinic Ahsaa (2)

  1. More than 5000 implants in the kingdom.
  2. We excel in digital three-dimensional planning for all agricultural cases, as well as working with the use of surgical guides.
  3. We also specialize in immediate implantation and the use of PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) technology in preparing bone grafts.
  4. All implant restorations are done using the latest technique, Screw retained.
  5. We specialize in performing subperiosteal implants, also known as network implants, which are used for challenging cases that are not suitable for traditional implants and are often rejected by other centers.
  6. We excel in computerized digital planning for corrective orthognathic surgery cases for the face and jaws, using the latest surgical guide techniques that provide high precision in surgical procedures.
  7. We use the latest device in surgical orthodontic operations for bone cutting, the surgerypiezo device, which is gentle on the bone and minimizes swelling, edema, and postoperative pain.
  8. We specialize in correcting cleft lip and palate deformities using the latest cosmetic surgical techniques. We also provide orthodontic and surgical follow-up for cases at different stages of life.

  1. Orthognathic surgery (jaw surgery) in all its forms:
    a. Classic surgery accompanied by orthodontic treatment.
    b. Surgery before orthodontic treatment.
    c. Standalone surgery using the safe UltraSonic technique (reduces nerve damage, swelling, and bleeding).
  2. Chin augmentation surgery.
  3. Facial and jaw cosmetic surgeries.
  4. Surgical fractures (facial and jaw fractures).
  5. Dental implants
  6. Pre-implantation surgeries in various forms:
    a. Bone expansion procedures.
    b. Internal or external grafting.
    c. Sinus lift.
  7. Surgical and non-surgical tooth extractions (including impacted wisdom teeth).
  8. Complex dental implant surgeries under general anesthesia, with jaw reconstruction.
  9. Treatment of jaw tumor cysts.
  10. Temporary dimple creation
  11. Facial contouring by removing cheek fat.
  12. Double chin liposuction with or without neck muscle tightening.
  13. Upper and lower eyelid surgeries.
  14. Face and neck lift surgeries.
  15. Treatment of cleft lip and palate patients, including palate closure, upper jaw bone grafting, and jaw advancement procedures.
  16. Treatment of craniofacial deformities.
  17. Reduction of nasal openings.
  18. Shortening or lifting of the upper lip.
  19. Upper lip tie correction for gummy smiles.
  20. Removal of lip and tongue ties.
  21. Lip reduction surgery.
  22. Facial silicone implantation.
  23. Cosmetic Botox and filler injections.
  24. Consultations for temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain.
  25. General anesthesia washing of the temporomandibular joints.
  26. Treatment of head and neck muscle with Botox injections along with TMJ treatment.
  27. Treatment of sleep apnea patients.
  • Vizor device.
  • UltraSonic device.

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